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"A Tomboy in a Dress"

I've been told my entire life by my Momma that I am a "Tomboy in a Dress" I pretty much never knew what the hell she was talking about until I was older. Of course growing up I would just roll my eyes and move along with life.

But as most of us know by now (I mean especially if you are in your 30's and doing your best to not ALWAYS sound like your Mother) That the truth is, like it or not.... Moms are USUALLY always right. I say "usually" because I am not blind to the fact that I am one of the lucky ones that had awesome, not always perfect parents. And that some of you out there would want to slap me right in the mouth for assuming that YOUR Mother was "always right" I have unfortunately seen that there certainly are some shitty ones out there..

Anyhow "Tomboy in a Dress" is me. I love Sprint Cars and was lucky enough to be raised at a dirt track. Cheering on my Dad as a very young girl, then later filming, and cheering on dear friends. I can sit and bull shit with the guys about the track and where you should and shouldn't be running, & I can make a trucker blush. Yet, I can sit with the most intellectual, religious, prominent person for a couple hours while doing their hair and they would have no idea that I can shot gun a beer faster than most guys...

I like to call it "Well rounded" and I am 100% sure that is NOT the example that my Mom would give you if she were to describe what she means by calling me a "Tomboy in a Dress" But thats me, always keeping her on her toes. After all I was supposed to be a little boy named Shane, so yep a pain in the ass for her from day ONE.

So why a Blog? Well if you know me, then you know I've got a lot to say. Maybe I feel like now that I am a little older and really don't give a shit if people judge me and feel I have have gone

through enough "life stuff" that I can actually add some value of some sort through my personal journey, And well to be honest I have had a couple people reach out and tell me that I should do it... So here I am doing the damn thing.

This ain't going to be for everyone and I am sure some are thinking, "What kind of value can I get from reading this Blog?" And to be honest I am not sure. But I will be honest, I will share about mine and my families struggles and triumphs. I will share tips about how Eric and I manage 7 businesses, Three Dogs, Three Cats (The cat number will change daily..), Owning four homes, Working side by side, all while keeping two tiny humans alive (shit ain't easy!) And shoot I will even share recipes, because you'll find out quickly that my kitchen is my happy place. Along with all the other crazy stuff that comes along with being an Entrepreneur, Daughter, Sister, Auntie, Mom, and Wife.

My journey has been very blessed and I thank The Good Lord for that every day, but that doesn't mean that every day is easy. I do believe that I have been blessed with a way to help others by sharing my life and that is what I intend to do with this Blog. I learned quickly through the loss of my amazing (but again not perfect) Dad that writing is simply therapeutic for me and has helped others through their grief. So maybe this is more for me than for "you"

...I guess we will find out!

This is me, this is real, this is "A Tomboy in a Dress"

~Sunny Jo

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Love it! You are one amazing young lady!

Me gusta
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