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“I’m so tired”

The last couple weeks we have been battling sickness in the Konop household. It is amazing how quickly you forget just how tiring being a mom can be!

You see we were crazy and were pregnant when Walk was just five months old. Why say “crazy”!? Well because we totally planned for Win to come along just 16 months later, and let me tell you that there were days I was blacked out and just going through the motions. And no I wasn’t blacked out from booze but blacked out from the depths of freaking tiredness! (But PSA wine does help, not with memory but just trust me..)

There were so many things that would happen in my beginning years of motherhood that I would sit there and think, “WHY in the hell didn’t anyone tell me about this!?” Like seriously, I am pretty sure that I googled “can you die from sleep deprivation“ a 100 times! Then I figured, no I won’t die I will just fall asleep and quickly be woke by one or both of the babies that need something that is way more important than my “beauty sleep”

People would say things like, “sleep while they are sleeping, make sure to take care of yourself, mommy isn’t healthy neither are the kids, laundry can wait” and honestly that was all just annoying as shit to me! Like duh, I know I need to be healthy for my kids and the laundry will wait, but you know who it waits for!? Yep, you got it, this tired ass mom!

Yet, somehow we made it through those tough beginning years. Remembering every moment? Nope! But the kids are alive and I didn’t get put into the funny farm. So I’d say it’s a win.

Fast forward to now. Our boys now go to bed at 8 and don’t wake until 7. They rarely wake up in the night and I get a blissful 8 hours of beauty sleep per night! Ya new mommas hang on cause the hard days do come to an end! Well and then onto the other hard things.. But at least you get some freaking shut eye to deal with the new hard stuff!

Then the freaking plague hits and holy hell. You are taken back to those days of no sleep, interrupted long nights & drowsy confined days. And truly wonder how the hell you made it!?

I even just said out loud to the boys, “Mommy is so tired!” As if they care... The response was, “Can I please have some water.” And I quickly gathered my shit and got the babe some water. They don’t need to worry about mom!

And you know what!? That’s how you make it, because they need us, Because we are MOMMAS. We were blessed by the Good Lord with amazing Mom power and we simply are Warriors!

We might not always have it together, we might not always get to shower, wash our hair, remember what day it is, or have time for “us” but we’ve got this!

So cheers to you new Mommas that are in what I call the ”New Born Trenches” cheers to those of you who drop everything to take care of your sick babies (even when they aren’t really babies anymore), & a big cheers to you mommas that are looking forward to becoming a part of the Warrior Club.

“Its not always going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.”


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