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What even does "Wellness" mean? Technically it is "The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal" Ok Great thats the real meaning... But what is "wellness" to you?

Because to me I don't think of the typical "wellness" that comes to most peoples minds. You know, like working out, eating healthy, doing yoga, or meditating. Really the list goes on and on and on. And let me tell you that list of things that are supposed to make some one feel "more well" actually just get up in my head and stress me the fuck out.

Really, they do. I love working out, eating healthy and all of the things posted above but the fact that people think that if you don't do one or all of those things doesn't make you "well" then I think they might be missing the boat. And to be honest I have been missing the boat too. Because seriously some of the heaviest people I know are the happiest and some of the most fit people I know are the most miserable...

Yet, every single year at the new year, or hell I will even say, "It doesn't have to be the New Year to start New.." I typically start another fad diet, diet pill, work out regimen, new supplement, or whatever the hell Facebook or IG pop up in front of me about losing weight or getting fit.

Seriously I have LEGIT tried them ALL!!!!! And ya, usually I lose wight and can run a little further or lift a little heavier and I go all balls to the wall over it, and then you know what? Life happens and I quit. Yep thats me, totally a quitter. It's not even hard to say really. I don't even care.

You know why? Because yes of course I believe that it is important to be healthy and yes I actually do love working out (you know when I have the time... never) But that is NOT where I get my "wellness" from. Honestly all that working out and eating right bull shit is just another job to add to my never ending list of "To Dos" So don't feel guilty if thats not where you get YOUR wellness from either.

Should you still make it a priority? 100%, but don't feel guilty if you hate every step of the way.

With Social Media and the life we live in now there are just too many pressures to be thin, be fit, be keto, be vegan, be paleo, be all the things. But you want to know something? Sometimes just doing YOU and making it through the day is ENOUGH. Even if you did have a Burger for lunch. Who cares what everyone else is eating, supplements they are taking, or what size of jeans they are in!

Because if you are starting something, that starts out as a comparison game because "she did it", "she looks so good", "she has this", "she has that", well then you've already set yourself up for failure and compromised YOUR WELLNESS.

Do you know what makes me feel the most wellness in my life?!

Sitting with my family and closest friends enjoying a glass (or two or three) of wine. Yep, that is it. I love nothing more than sitting with my family and friends, kids playing in the background, sharing about life. The Goods, The Bads, The Goals, The future plans, The deep stuff.

That there fills my cup!

Is that to say that I wouldn't mind dropping some pounds or wearing a smaller pair of jeans?! I mean come on I am human and yep, this ass needs some work. But thats it, it will be work and I am not going to try and trick my mind into thinking that "its gonna be so fun and get my mind right!" Nope. I am gonna hate every step of the way most likely and then shit maybe even quit again. Who knows!?

But what I do know is that glass of wine, that family, and those friends are ALWAYS there at the end of the day. And just having that Blessing keeps my Wellness in check!

So don't beat yourself up, don't look aside you and see someone enjoying the shit out of those burpees and think, "Man something is wrong me!" Just remember that we all have different things that fill up our Wellness Cup.

Some cups take burpees and others take wine.

Either way, you just do you.

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